Callshop Module

Saba Communications is introducing the most secure billing solutions for Voipswitch, which is hacking free and have new advanced features. Our Billing solutions run with Apache which is the most secure web browser, so Voipswitch users now no longer need to worry about hacking issues, just focus to grow their business instead of worrying all the time about hacking issues. We have developed some new features:
  • Easy Booth Management
  • Callshop user can create own booth
  • Callshop user can edit selling rates
  • Profit & Loss
  • Live Active Calls
  • Call History
  • Auto invoicing
  • Reports with graph
  • Last call display with cost & duration
  • Multiple Calls in Booth will Auto Calculate cost
  • Setup Callshop owner details to display on Invoice
  • Langauge support : English/Arabic/French
For pricing or have any further questions
please email us at or can live chat on Skype ID: amanazmi2
Screenshot for Callshop Module
Callshop  ModuleCallshop  ModuleCallshop  ModuleCallshop  Module Callshop  Module Callshop  Module Callshop  Module Callshop  Module
Please check out demo as below
user : Callshop
pass : Callshop
  Please check out demo as below
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